Any person or entity that has a financial interest in property should make sure that it is protected adequately by a suitable policy or insurance program. Property Insurance exists in many different forms the most common being for Homes, Commercial Structures and other assets such as Contents, Machinery, Stock and even Fine Art. Have a construction project? – there’s cover for that too. Call or email us to find the best solutions to cover your precious assets.

Business Interruption / Consequential Loss

This policy is extremely important and one that every prudent business owner should have in their insurance portfolio. We all consider covering damage to our assets. But what happens during the time it takes to have things back up and running again? Depending on the damage suffered It may take weeks or even months. This is where Business Interruption (also known as Consequential Loss) Insurance comes in. Following an insured event under your property policy, the Business Interruption policy can respond to a loss of income, wage rolls for employees, rent for a temporary office and other expenses to help you stay in business until you can get back into your home-base.

Fire Only / Fire & Special Perils / Burglary / Property All Risks

  1. Fire Only covers damage caused by Fire, Lightning and Explosion Only.
  2. Fire & Special Perils covers all the above including damage caused by perils of nature.
  3. Burglary covers loss of stolen property.
  4. Property All Risks covers all the above.
N.B.:- These policies do not cover coup-de-tat, insurrection, war, invasion, terrorism and civil commotion. (see Political Violence, Sabotage & Terrorism for information no how to cover these risks)

Political Violence, Sabotage & Terrorism

Property policies exclude the risks associated with political unrest, sabotage and terrorism for e.g. the 1990 Coup Attempt. To cover your assets from these types of risks you should effect a Political Violence or Sabotage & Terrorism policy which covers acts of:

  1. Sabotage and Terrorism
  2. Mutiny and/or Insurrection &/or Rebellion &/or  Coup d’Etat
  3. Riots and/or Strikes and/or Civil Commotions and/or Malicious Damage

including fire damage and loss by looting following the above named events.



Contractors’ All Risks / Blanket Contractors’ All Risks / Erection All Risks



Plant, Machinery & Equipment All Risks

These policies are specially designed to cover the risks associated with small, medium and large pieces of equipment in all types of industries.


Machinery Breakdown

Accidents, unforeseen loss or damage and an employee’s negligence can all lead to a machinery breakdown event when you least expect it.
This policy will cover those types of risks.


Boiler Explosion / All Risks

A common misconception when Clients purchase cover for their machinery is that they assume that damage to their boilers and resultant damage to third parties as a result of a boiler explosion are covered – this is not the case. So make sure you have a Boiler policy in place to cover these risks.

Small Business/Sole Trader/Entrepreneur

Small Business Package policies are umbrella policies available in the local market offering different types of cover for various risks. Bear in mind that the limits on these policies are very small as they cater for small businesses. Consider the size of your operation before you effect this policy.

Group Homeowners Plans/Condominium Packages

Townhouse Complexes and Apartment Complexes should always be covered under one programme to ensure that everyone has the same benefits, Insurer(s) and rates. These types of programmes can be extended to include cover for the Common Areas such as walkways, pools and playgrounds.

Motor Fleets (Private & Commercial)

Any business with more than five vehicles can qualify for a Motor Fleet Insurance policy which offers lower rates than individual policies thereby saving you money. We can help by designing suitable Motor Insurance policies to cover your fleets.

Hotelier Comprehensive Insurance

Hoteliers policies are specifically designed for Hotels, Motels, Lodges, Inns and Guest Houses covering a wide range of risks such as damage to property, theft, public and products liability and workmen’s compensation.

Fine Art & Specie

Fine Art and Specie Insurance protects high-quality assets such as cash, bullion, jewellery, or art in storage, in transit or on display for businesses, institutions and individuals.

Contractors’ All Risks

If there are plans for a new construction or renovation to existing property you should consider the importance of effecting this policy. Not only does it cover damage to the works it also covers damage caused to third parties during construction.

Computer All Risks

Computer Equipment such as Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Servers, Peripherals and Software can all be insured under this policy. The policy can be extended to cover mobile equipment anywhere in Trinidad & Tobago or even Worldwide. (consider employees who have company cell phones and laptops)