• Report the accident to Police immediately or within twenty-four (24) hours: Present them with your Driver’s Permit and Certificate of Insurance. Ensure you receive your Police Report Receipt. In the absence of this obtain the police officer’s name and number. Make no statements about the accident except to police or a company representative. Never admit liability or fault.
  • Third Parties of the accident should be referred to your insurer directly.
  • Complete a Claim Form and forward to CIC as soon as possible along with the following supporting documents:
  1. Certified Copy of Ownership aka True Certified Extract
  1. Copy of Driver’s Permit of the person who was driving your vehicle at the time of the accident
  1. Police Report Receipt
  1. Estimate for Repairs (only applicable to Comprehensive cover)
  1. Any available pictures/video of the damage to your vehicle
  1. Letter from the VAT office advising of your VAT status
  1. Original receipts for doctor’s or hospital fees (in the case of a claim for personal or passenger injuries)

Where COMPREHENSIVE Coverage Applies

  • Obtain a written Estimate for Repairs, but do not repair until the Insurer/Loss Adjuster consents, and send to CIC.
  • Some Insurers are prepared to have minor damage viewed by staff from their own office.
  • If the vehicle can be driven, take it to them with your repair estimate.
  • If the vehicle is inoperable to the damage then please advise where the vehicle is located and can be viewed by the Adjuster.
  • N.B.:- If included in your cover you can contact the 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance provider and have them tow the vehicle to a garage or location of your choice.
  • Once the Insurer consents, repairs can be undertaken. Kindly note that there is a policy excess on every claim.
  • In the case of settlement offers, obtain a VAT clearance letter (for non VAT registered insureds only) from the Board of Inland Revenue in order for the VAT amount not be deducted from your claim.


Where THIRD PARTY ONLY Coverage Applies:

  • Obtain a certified copy of ownership for third party vehicle from the Licensing Authority if the owner or insurer is not known.
  • Obtain an estimate of the cost or repairs for the damage to your vehicle.
  • Contact an Independent Adjuster to survey of the damage of your vehicle.
  • Submit your claim to the Third Party’s Insurer with supporting documents including:
    • adjuster’s report,
    • estimates or bills for repairs,
    • medical expenses,
    • wrecking fees,
    • adjuster’s fees,
    • loss of use or cost of rental of comparative alternative transport.
  • Repair in accordance with the adjuster’s recommendations once the third party insurer has viewed the vehicle.