As Trinidad & Tobago’s first indigenous Broker, CIC has been at the forefront of developing Insurance Programs for some of the largest companies in the local Aviation and Marine sectors. We utilize our relationships with our Global Partners to cover a wide range of Clients that require these specialty lines of cover. In so doing our Clients trust us to do what’s best for their business. You can trust us to do the same for you.

Aviation Liability

Aviation Liability policies cater to the needs of Airlines and Airports offering large limits and wide cover.

Aviation Hull

Aviation Hull policies are designed to cover damage suffered to the aircrafts themselves whether in flight, on the ground or at rest. Airlines typically these two covers under one combined Aviation Hull and Liability policy.

Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo insurance is where it all started. Whether you are importing/exporting your own goods or a service provider in the shipping industry protect your and your client’s precious assets while in transit by sea or by air.

Charterers Liability

Charterers of a ship should recognize the necessity to buy insurance protection. Let us review the agreed terms between yourself (the charterer) and the ship owner in your charter agreement, also known as a charter party, to help you obtain the necessary Charterers Liability insurance.

Terminal Operators

If you operate a small port or terminal to offload goods or harbour vessels it is a good idea to effect a Terminal Operators policy. Most Property policies exclude marine risks. The Terminal Operators policy is specially designed to cover damage to ports and terminals from vessels and other perils including your liability to third parties.

Stock Throughout

In addition to covering goods while in transit the Stock Throughput (STP) policy goes one step further to cover your static stock while stored on your compound or warehouse whether they be raw materials or finished goods.

Marine Hull and Protection & Indemnity

Marine Hull Insurance covers damage caused to vessels. Protection & Indemnity covers damage to third parties.